2008_08_busstopdeath.jpgA grand jury decided not to indict a man for fatally stabbing a 15-year-old girl in June. Winston Alladin had aroused the anger of bus passengers when he was angered by a woman and child who cut him in line and, per the Post, "spat racial epithets at the woman and other African-American passengers." A group of passenger had followed him out the bus, throwing objects at him, and Alladin claimed the death of Keyanna Jones was in self-defense. Alladin's lawyer said, "He is a hard-working guy. One of the things he kept saying was, in his Trinidadian accent, ‘Why did these people want to hurt me? I did nothing.’" Alladin, who had been arraigned on manslaughter charges, is still being detained; apparently ICE will get custody of him.