2006_10_candycorn.JPGNY State parole officials announced their Halloween plans: Checking up on sexual predators on parole and probation in the state in "Operation Halloween: Zero Tolerance." The Post reports that there are about 1700 sex offenders (paroled and on probation) in the five boroughs; they must stay at home between 3PM on Halloween and 6AM the next day. Furthermore, they cannot wear costumes or masks, and cannot open their door to trick-or-treating children. And that's not all:

Investigators will conduct unannounced home visits and curfew checks and then make follow-up phone calls to paroled sex offenders' homes throughout the night to guarantee they do not slip out in search of victims.

In addition, the state's parole officers will be armed with portable DVD and CD players to randomly view movies in sex offenders' homes to make sure that the covers are not masking banned materials.

The random visits are serious: Apparently a parole officer found banned materials a one parolee's Long Island home, which meant the parolee was heading back to prison.