A Brooklyn woman who is a Harvard University senior has been barred from graduation next month due to her connection to the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old man in a university dorm last week. Police have arrested Manhattan resident Jabrai Jordan Copney, 20, for the murder of Justin Cosby; police said Copney, whose girlfriend is a senior at Harvard, and two other men intended to rob Cosby of marijuana and money. Two (unidentified) female Harvard students are described as "the nexus between Cosby and Copney." A lawyer for the Harvard senior told the Boston Globe, "This is a highly educated, independent young woman who has literally been cared for since she was a teenager by Harvard - and now they have terminated her right to be on campus. There is no justification for it. She may have known the people involved, but you know, it's not guilt by association in this country." The student was also kicked out of her dorm, Kirkland House, which is where the shooting took place; a previous report said that Copney's girlfriend's "gave Copney her dorm hall access card, which allowed him to float in and out of Harvard dorms."