Everybody in New York knows that Thanksgiving is about one thing and one thing only: self-promotion. So it is with honor for our melting-pot of a country that NBC has reportedly banned the cast of 'Glee' from performing at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The cast of the hit Fox show was set to sing their hit cover of "Don't Stop Believin'" for the 83rd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but apparently NBC didn't want to showcase their rivals' hit show. But wait, now who will provide the traditional Journey sing-along our forefathers fought for?

Though no contract had been signed with NBC, parade promoters had invited the cast to perform. The choreography and costumes had already been designed by the time NBC cancelled the appearance. One NBC insider told the Post "They never thought about having to ask permission [of NBC officials] before bringing anyone on." The insider does point out that other non NBC acts have graced the floats, such as 'American Idol' contestants and members of the 'High School Musical' cast, the only difference being that 'Glee' is currently on the air. Sigh, we guess we'll just have to hope for another internet sensation to hit the parade, as rickrolling died last Thanksgiving.