NJ lawmakers are probably happy now: Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi will not be staying at the Libyan government-owned mansion in Englewood, NJ when he comes to the U.S. next month to address the United Nations. Rep. Steve Rothman announced yesterday, "I am very pleased that Moammar Khadafy will apparently not be coming to Englewood," apparently because Gadhafi's visit—which would include a large Bedouin tent—"would have presented unnecessary safety and security issues for the residents of Englewood and the Libyan diplomats." And the public uproar probably helped pressure the Libyan government, too. Instead, the Daily News reports, "Khadafy is expected to seek rooms for himself and his large entourage at one of New York's luxury hotels." Hmm—will he seek a hotel with rooftop space for him to set up the tent?