As if the G train wasn't already ruining lives left and right, here's a timely reminder that things will only get worse before they get better. Due to ongoing repair work on the Greenpoint Tube, no trains will run between Nassau Ave. and Court Square for five weeks beginning July 28th. Yes, that's five weeks, not just weekends.

The Greenpoint Tube, which carries the G train under Newtown Creek, was closed for 12 weekends in 2013 to facilitate the MTA making necessarily fixes. Power cables in the tube that were immersed in salt water during Hurricane Sandy are corroding from the inside, while corrosion on the outside of rails and fasteners raises the potential for short circuits. The controls for ventilation, lighting and communication systems were destroyed and have not been restored to their pre-Sandy condition.

As for why the MTA is choosing to shut down the tunnel in the middle of summer: "This critical maintenance work was scheduled during this time period because it’s the weeks when the G line has the lowest ridership," MTA spokeswoman Marisa Baldeo told the Daily News. Politicians have been calling on the MTA to add more service options for straphangers along the line during these repair periods to no avail so far—but State Senator Daniel Squadron is planning a town hall meeting in Greenpoint on April 3rd to discuss the upcoming closures, so make sure to sharpen your pitchforks in advance if you plan on attending.