The body of Mark Madoff was removed from the NYC medical examiner's office to a funeral home, and a source tells the Post that no funeral service is planned. A community affairs police officer said, "The family doesn't want to have anything to do with the body... There's no service planned. There's not going to be a viewing... You're not going to see any Madoff relatives."

The 46-year-old son of the infamous Ponzi scheme Bernard Madoff killed himself on Saturday in his Soho apartment, sending desperate emails to his wife (who was in Florida with one of their children) and his lawyer in his final hours. Madoff, who was facing numerous civil lawsuits and possible criminal charges, hanged himself with a dog leash from a pipe in his loft with his two-year-old son was sleeping in another room; his wife's stepfather discovered his body.

Another supposed concern about holding a funeral service was that victims of Bernard Madoff's scheme would protest. But one woman, who lost $1 million, told the Daily News, "As much as I shudder at the name of Madoff, it's a tragedy. There's no satisfaction to any Madoff loser that the son committed suicide, it's just tragedy on tragedy... He had children."

A lawyer for Bernard Madoff, who is serving a 150-year-old prison sentence in North Carolina, had issued a statement earlier saying his client would not be attending a funeral, "Mr. Madoff will not be attending the funeral out of consideration for his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren's privacy. He will be conducting a private service on his own where he is now." A prison consultant also said that if Madoff were given permission to attend a funeral, it would be a circus.