2006_02_patakicollage.jpgOver the weekend, Governor George Pataki had to stay an extra day at a Peekskill hospital, which made him miss a New Hampshire political event, but doctors said that was normal for anyone who had appendectomy surgery. But now the truth is out: A doctor said, "His bowels have not started moving as we expect them to — and as we would like them to. So we are going to have to keep him." Dr. Wiji Ratnathicam, you can keep him! Apparently the poo-a-stasis is normal after this kind of surgery, if too much information for the people of New York.

And speaking of things that aren't moving, Freedom Tower won't be done until 2011 (Pataki said it would be done by 2008).

Our crude collage of things the Governor could eat to help speed things up: Prunes, bran muffin, Ex-Lax, and spices