2007_03_bloombgiulia.jpgA new Quinnipiac University poll shows that New Yorkers still really like Mayor Bloomberg. While his approval rating slipped 2 points since the beginning of the year (from 75 to 73), Bloomberg can claim that the citizens of New York like him as a mayor more than they like Rudy Giuliani's reign as Hizzoner. Forty-six percent liked Bloomberg more than Giuliani; 34% felt they were the same, while 16% thought Giuliani was better. All the boroughs thought Bloomberg was better, although in Staten Island, 36% thought they were the same (35% liked Bloomberg better, 25% liked Giuliani better).

They even think he'd be a better president than Giuliani. Quinnipiac's Maurice Carroll analyzed the results:

"America's Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, doesn't score all that well where he really was the mayor. New Yorkers think Bloomberg is a better mayor than Giuliani and - how will this go over on the campaign trail? - that Bloomberg would be a better president."

However, many New Yorkers disapproved of how he handled the school bus changes and the snow storm, just as we'd expect. It will be interesting to see what the polls say after a Sean Bell grand jury finding, but this much is clear: New Yorkers prefer a mayor who is business-minded, if not very empathetic, to a mayor who might be a touch fascist, if empathetic.

As for the approvals of other city leaders, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has a 51% approval rating (12% disapprove; 37% are undecided), City Comptroller William Thompson has a 43% approval rating (15% disapprove; 42% undecided), and Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum has a 41% approval (19% disapprove; 40% undecided).