After Monday's march down Park Avenue yielded no deals, the city's building workers are coming even closer to striking. The deadline for a new contract deal between the Realty Advisory Board and 32BJ is April 21st, and a strike of 30,000 workers would affect every borough except the Bronx. 32BJ Executive Vice President Kevin Doyle told NY1, "Unfortunately there's going to be an incredible disruption to the daily lives of the people of New York City. We want to avoid that but it unquestionably would be a disruption."

The main issues are over the state of the economy. The Times reports that the RAB say they must hold down costs, since rent decreased but operation costs increased over the past few years. 32BJ believes the recession didn't hit the city's building owners that hard, and their holiday and sick time shouldn't be cut. 32 BJ President Mike Fishman said, "This is a contract about looking forward, and the economy seems to be picking up.” Leaders from each side are meeting tomorrow at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in an effort to negotiate before a possible strike.

Meanwhile, doorman buildings across the city are prepping their residents on how to deal with life without someone to sign for your packages. The Observer reports that residents of 830 Park Avenue received letters on emergency procedures, outlining rules on elevator operations and fire safety. But many buildings are also providing their residents with tips on how to go about their daily lives.

One Upper West Side building told residents they must always carry ID and lock their doors, must bag their own garbage should the trash chutes fail to work, and that food deliveries must be picked up in the lobby. They also remind residents that FedEx and UPS—whose drivers may not want to enter buildings when a sister union is striking—may only deliver if a resident is downstairs, and suggest they arrange pickup at a central plant. But how on Earth will they hail the cab to get to this central plant?!