During yesterday's Crain's New York sponsored forum, mayoral candidates tried to stake out their positions in the crowded field people who just wanna beat Mayor Mike. To summarize: Representative Anthony Weiner attacked former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer's plan to tax stock transactions; Ferrer attacked the Mayor's rehaul of the school system; City Council Speaker Gifford Miller talked about transit issues; Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields spoke about education and community-police relations. And all candidates attacked Wal-Mart's intentions to move into NYC. Yeah, it's sadly still sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher. The NY Times' also notes that Fields and Ferrer's jabs show that their "non-aggression pact" has fallen to the wayside, which makes sense for Fields, since she probably wants to try to beat Ferrer. In the next month, Gothamist hopes someone will step up.

The Observer's Ben Smith, who writes The Politicker, writes about race and politics in urban mayoral races. Plus the NY Times on Bob Kerrey's mayoral musings malfunction and reader Chris sends us Kerrey's email to the New School community about his mayoral aspirations (read it after the jump).


I write to let you know both the genesis and the current status of the recent stories about my candidacy in the democratic Mayoral race.

This past Saturday I answered a question from a reporter who asked if
I was seriously considering becoming a candidate for Mayor of New York City. I said I was. After more reflection and many conversations over the past two days, I am, today, emphasizing my commitment and enthusiasm for my work at New School University. Therefore, it is unlikely I will enter this race as a candidate.

I intend to make a final decision about this later this week and, at that time, will make an announcement to the community, as well as to
the public.

As always, I thank you for your advice, interest, and support.

Bob Kerrey