A top Justice Department official has refuted rumors that trials in lower Manhattan for accused 9/11 plotter Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his accomplices are out of the question. "We haven't made a final decision and it's not off the table," said Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler, adding that feds are "evaluating the venue that has already been announced by the attorney general" and weighing "other options,"

According to Grindler, Attorney General Holder also won't push the trials to to a military court. "Our federal courts have a long history of safely and securely handling international terrorism cases and we are committed to bringing Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and the other alleged 9/11 conspirators to justice," he said. Meanwhile, Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman, will try to block civilian trials by cutting off funding through legislature, the Daily News reports.

So far, Obama has budgeted $540 million for the trials and the building of a huge new prison in Illinois to house the suspects, now detained in Guantanamo Bay, reported the Post. At a projected $200 million per year, that won't be nearly enough to try the alleged terrorists in lower Manhattan.