Prosecutors today said that criminal charges are unlikely for Daniel Schuler for any indirect involvement in the Taconic crash which killed 8 and was caused by his wife Diane. Prosecutors do not believe that Mr. Schuler was aware that his wife was intoxicated when she left the campground they were staying at began the fatal trip home. That still begs the question why Schuler has been publicly disputing the findings of the autopsy this past week. An attorney suggested to WCBS 2 that it was an early defense against any civil charges and said, "For obvious reasons, the family wants to rehabilitate this lady's reputation. She's not the most popular person out there. To most people, she committed a murder." The News talks to a recovering alcoholic and longtime addiction counselor who says that Mr. Schuler's denials that he had never seen his wife drunk combined with evidence that she was a closet drinker hits close to home for her. She tells the paper, "I could not control the drinking, and I could not admit it to myself or anyone else. It's a lot of loneliness and shame. You're living a double life."