2005_12_wtcwater.jpgThis is what all the testing with the Canadian fountain consultant has determined: The waterfalls at the World Trade Center memorial will be turned off during the winter, for fear of injuring visitors with flying droplets of ice. The LMDC decided to "winterize" the waterfalls because it would cost four times more (than the maintenance?) to heat the water for the falls to run smoothly. While the decision was the fiscally practical one, a mother of a WTC victim said, "It's like an eternal flame and you don't shut off an eternal flame. These things should have been considered in the beginning." Yeah, you'd think.

Today, the NY Times' David Dunlap looks at how the memorial's design is different from its initial design, due to the many, many constraints realized as the project moves forward for a 2009 completion. Here's the Lower Manhattan Development Corp's site on the memorial, Reflecting Absence. nd greg.org's coverage of WTC rebuilding is an excellent resource and commentary.