2008_04_jerseyortix.jpgIn spite of threats from the Yankees front office, the Bronx DA's office won't prosecute the construction worker who buried a Red Sox jersey in the new Yankee Stadium.

A spokesman for DA Robert Johnson said, "It's unlikely, given our limited resources, we would use them for something of this nature." But don't worry--the Yankees may file a civil suit against Gino Castignoli, an avowed Red Sox fan who really hates Jorge Posada. We bet Red Sox Nation will take up a fund for his legal fees--the Boston Herald calls him an "unlikely Messiah"!

The Albany Times-Union has an editorial--"The Curse of Castignoli"--and Castignoli's mom, a Yankees fan, told the Herald, "He’s a child that if he believes in something he sticks with it. He always did. That’s his nature." And the Daily News finally weighs in on the jersey hijinx, by decrying the Yankees for being wasteful enough to dig up the jersey (it cost $30,000-50,000), an "inane spectacle that should wholly frighten any taxpayer or serious baseball fan."