Three people were injured when a cab driver somehow drove his SUV into one of the West 72nd Street subway entrances—after jumping the curb and driving through the wrought iron gates— yesterday afternoon. The injured included the driver, his passenger and a pedestrian. The police say no charges are going to be filed in the incident, but one witness told NY1, "The driver was sitting on the floor and he was asked if his breaks failed. And he said yes. But there was no way his [brakes] failed."

In fact, NY1 reports, "Police believe the driver was trying to make a turn from the far right lane of Amsterdam and turned all the way into the far left lane." That's just great! Another witness told the Post that "the cab driver was cut off by another car, then crashed into the station located on a pedestrian island," while yet another "said the cabbie ran a red light and sped up as the light changed. That forced the cabbie to veer left," the witness said.

The miraculous thing is that only three people were injured at what is usually a busy station—a police source said to the Daily News, "Thank God. Dozens could have been taken out." The injured pedestrian happens to be a dancer, Mucuy Bolles, who needed stitches for her foot. The News reports that she said, "It was a shock. I didn't realize I was hurt until I saw the blood," while her fiance was thankful, "If we were a couple of steps forward, who knows?"