The NYPD's investigation into the fatal collision between a flatbed truck and a cyclist in East Williamsburg has come to a sadly familiar end. Investigators had been trying to track down the driver for several days after Mathieu Lefevre was killed at the intersection of Meserole Street and Morgan Avenue, just after midnight on Wednesday. After the accident, the truck was found legally parked and unattended a couple of blocks away on Scholes Street. The NYPD tells us they finally found the driver, and have concluded there was no criminality.

"The driver did not know that he hit the cyclist," an NYPD spokesperson told us today. Because no charges were filed, the driver's name and the company he worked for will not be released. One local resident who came upon the scene immediately following the accident told us that "the notion that the driver was potentially unaware of the contact [is] a little difficult to accept. The scene would suggest that the body passed fully underneath the vehicle (from the north corner to the south, while being rolled up the street west) while the bicycle was dragged a good distance up the street by the truck."

Yesterday we went by the intersection and spoke with an NYPD officer who was responding to a car break-in nearby. Asked about the cyclist investigation, the cop (who agreed to speak only on background) told us that the NYPD had concluded that Lefevre had run a red light at the intersection. He also said, "I'm going to be doing a checkpoint tonight near there." For a brief moment we thought the officer meant a checkpoint for drivers, but he quickly elaborated that he'd be focusing on cyclists.