A three-year-old boy was found wandering the streets of Harlem yesterday. The child's mother, Tory Grady, thinks a friend left the apartment door open, enabling her son to leave, telling WCBS 2, "I woke up and my child wasn’t there, so I did what any parent would do, go straight to the police station." Upon arrival, Grady was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child.

But prosecutors apparently believed her story, since they decided not to press charges against her. She said, "They interviewed me, and they saw I was very sincere, and I don't need to lie. If I was such a bad parent, why would I leave New York City to start a new life with my children in Georgia?"

The superintendent had brought the boy to the police station, because he wasn't able to answer any questions about his parents. A building super near 151st Street and Amsterdam Avenue brought him to a bodega, where he hoped he'd find the child's parents. A bodega worker said, "I ask ‘Baby, where are your mother?’ He say, ‘I don’t know.’ After that man say maybe I give to police, maybe they can help."

Neighbors said that Grady was hysterical when she realized the boy, Chase, was missing. WCBS 2 reports, "Community members then petitioned the 30th Precinct for her release, and Grady was freed just moments before her arraignment on Wednesday night," with one saying, "She’s a working mother of two, working for the city, for the MTA. These are good families."

Grady thinks that someone let her son out of the building on purpose; another neighbor told NBC New York, "The door does not open. You have to hit this in combination to pull the door."