The 18-year-old Hofstra freshman who falsely accused five men of raping her in a dormitory hall bathroom will not face criminal charges. Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice said that Danmell Ndonye will instead undergo extensive mental health counseling and must perform 250 hours of community service; if she doesn't, then criminal charges may be pursued.

Four of the five falsely accused suspects were jailed; the fifth had videotaped part of their encounter with Ndonye, which apparently showed that it was a consensual act. When confronted with the existence of the tape, Ndonye recanted her story and admitted she made up the allegations. While criminal charges were considered, Rice said, "There exists no perfect solution to this case, only our best attempt at holding her accountable while encouraging real victims to come forward and accusers to tell the truth so that we can avoid incarcerating an innocent person for even one minute."