2007_02_scoresny.jpgAfter last month's prostitution arrests at Scores West, the State Liquor Authority has suspended the strip club's liquor license. The SLA said that the West Chelsea "posed an immediate and imminent threat to the public." Now, while Scores West will still be able to operate, they won't be able to tempt their customers with drinks, which may very well impact the bottom bikini-wax line as it were. But there is always the original Scores location on the East Side!

The statement from Scores West: "We ... are considering the steps we intend to take to defend against this precipitous action. There is no justification or basis to suspend our license." However, the SLA's spokesman told the Post, "It's serious. It's not something that the board takes lightly." We suppose the SLA has turned its attention to other West 27th Street establishments.

Police allege that Scores West managers would arrange trysts between customers and strippers in VIP rooms, with the strippers charing $200-700 for various sex acts (and more for the exotic acts). Apparently, a police sting resulted from a "disgruntled customer"'s tip.