Gothamist isn't sure how we feel about the Taxi & Limousine Commission trying to crack down on cabbies using their cellphones while driving. Of course, we're against holding a cellphone while driving for cabbies as well as regular drivers, but the fact that the TLC is also banning hands-free cellphone chatting makes us wonder if that's a little extreme (what about truckers with their CB's, as they drive eighteen-wheelers?) Yes, the TLC is interested in passenger and pedestrian safety, and wants to emphasize this by imposing $200 fines for any cellphone calls. However, Gothamist rather the cabbies be in a better mood, and if they can be that way because of their cellphones, then so be it. We vastly prefer to think we're crazy when we don't realize the cabbie is happily talking to a friend on the phone than to listen to the insane rantings and ravings of some cabbies.