Late last year it was announced that the city dumped plans to redevelop the Red Hook waterfront. Now the Brooklyn Eagle is reporting that the "Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is returning to Red Hook’s Atlantic Basin with a symbolic hat in hand, but also with a new development plan that is ready to be executed." The new plan is allegedly less glamorous, but one key business that could rise from the ashes of the old is (appropriately) Phoenix Beverages—a major beer distributor of Heineken, Guinness and Smirnoff Ice! It looks like it would be housed at Pier 11, and NYMag points out that under the new plan they'll be joined in the neighborhood American Stevedoring, "a docking facility for harbor-operated boats, a cultural institution, and a green space." Sadly, this means that "there is no space for Brooklyn Brewery, which hoped to move to Pier 7."