2006_06_fireworks.jpgYou know it's summer when the Mayor, Fire Commissioner, and Police Commissioner hold a press conference to remind New Yorkers that the city has a "zero tolerance policy" when it comes to fireworks. Against a colorful display of contraband materials, the Mayor said, "If you are caught using fireworks, we can and we will arrest you. If you are caught selling fireworks, we can and will shut down your business and starting this year, if you are caught smuggling or transporting fireworks, we can and will confiscate your car." While we understand the safety reasons for stricter rules, this also sounds very Giuliani-esque. Which makes sense, since Giuliani formed the Joint Fireworks Taskforce in 1995, and prohibited fireworks during Chinese New Year in 1997. It's all about the confetti launchers, though they probably shouldn't be used near sparklers.

This year's Macy's July 4th Fireworks will be on a Tuesday night.