Yesterday, the Knicks canceled their home game against the Orlando Magic and Madison Square Garden was closed due to an asbestos scare—while cleaning "asbestos-related materials" in the attic, some debris fell into the arena. Well, the NYC's Department of Environmental Protection declared it safe, with a DEP spokesman saying, "It doesn’t appear that any asbestos was disturbed." That must make the tourists who wanted to see Amare Stoudemire Dwight Howard so MAD!!

ESPN has amusing quotes and sob stories from foreigners who apparently planned their trips around the Knicks-Magic game: "Reinaart Vandenbrock came in from Belgium on Friday for a five-day stay in Manhattan. He thought one of the highlights of his trip would be attending Tuesday night's Knicks-Magic game at Madison Square Garden, where he could see Dwight Howard, one of his favorite players in the NBA, live and in the flesh." His reaction to the postponement? "We'd been planning this trip for three months. I can't believe this happened today."

A visitor from London said, "I think they did the right thing but I'm also surprised that in 2010 a stadium like this has an asbestos problem." And another said, "I'm upset and surprised that something like this would happen here. It's not like this is a third-world country." But it is MSG! On the other hand, Knicks fans were happier: "I was looking forward to seeing Dwight Howard vs. Amare [Stoudemire]. But I'm not that mad because now the Knicks will have a few more days to prepare. And we know they need it."

The Knicks did contact the Prudential Center (Brick City!) about hosting games there. More details about MSG's reopening are coming today—Roger Waters is playing there this weekend.