Back in 2005, John Giuca and a friend were convicted of killing college student Mark Fisher one night in 2003 and dumping Fisher's body on Argyle Road. Then, in 2008, Giuca's mom Doreen Giuliano launched an impressive attempt to get the verdict overturned by losing weight and undergoing a sexy makeover to attract a juror who eventually admitted on tape that he shouldn't have been on the jury! Now, Giualino's dream of freeing her son has been shattered, because an Appellate panel rejected Guica's plea for appeal. She said to the Post, "I don't know how I could have thought we could get justice in Brooklyn."

The Post reports, "The panel of four judges said that even if the statements of juror Jason Allo that he knew members of Giuca's 'Ghetto Mafia' crew were true, it would not entitle Giuca to a new trial." (Yes, Giuca was allegedly a member of the "Ghetto Mafia.") The Brooklyn DA's office has long maintained that Giuliano's amazing charade—the still-married mother says she would have had sex with Allo, if it would have helped her son—proved nothing and other lawyers were skeptical she'd be able to get the verdict overturned.

Giuca's lawyer plans to take this to the appeals court. In the meantime, read the amazing Vanity Fair article about Giuliano's mission: "During the Indian summer of October 2007, Jason Allo stood on a corner near his apartment as Doreen, in short-shorts, 'happened by' on her bicycle."