Whoa, this seems novel: The State Leglislature is shelling out $1.5 million to fix three No. 7 train stops in Queens. Clearly, this took some pushing from Assembly members in those districts, but Gothamist feels like we rarely hear about State funding for subway projects. The three stops are 103rd Street-Corona Plaza, 90th Street, and 111th Street. Newsday noted that besides being repainted and getting its steps replaced, an "avian-relocator system" will be installed - pigeons will be shocked into going elsewhere, so they don't poop at the station. These improvements are great news, but it's nothing compared to the MTA's 7 LIne Extension that would cost at least a billion dollars.

And on the human side of MTA news, the Daily News has a story about a conductor who was taken off the job because he has sleep apnea and weighs 300 pounds. Derek Gary, a 34 year-old Newark resident, admits he's not healthy, but says his sleep apnea is under control and clarifies,

"I'm not driving the train. The operator drives. I'm opening the doors and I'm standing all the time. It's not like I'm going to fall asleep standing up. I'm always alert on the train."

Though doctors feel Gary can do the job, the MTA put him on desk duty - only for Gary to find there is no desk duty available. He's currently unemployed, hoping to become a conductor again. This predicament makes Gothamist wonder what the criteria for becoming a train operator and conductor is; clearly there is a process and there must be regular check-ups.