Over in NJ, police have decided that a woman found dead in a water tank was murdered. The strange story has been emerging since last Wednesday, after the discovery of 43 year-old Geetha Angara's drowned body. Angara had been a chemist at the Passaic Valley Water Commission for 12 years, and she had been checking readings at the tanks. The Water Commission recommended people boil their water for 30 minutes that night, but it turns out that water was used from an alternative source. Police are concentrating their investigations on the victim's co-workers, and the Star-Ledger says that since the grating over the water tank was very heavy, police think it's unlikely Angara opened the grating herself. What Gothamist found weird is that (according to WNBC's reports) police actually aren't sure if the grating was moved by the murderer or the authorities trying to retrieve Angara's body.