For the past few weeks, a West New York, NJ street has become the destination for the Catholic faithful because it's believed an image of the Virgin Mary can be seen in a tree. Police are stationed there as candles and flowers are left around the tree. Of course, this outpouring for an "Our Lady Of Guadeloupe"-like miracle has also attracted some Christians who are disappointed.

The NY Times was on the scene when Dante Domenech, holding a Bible, shouted, "This is witchcraft; you are worshiping devils!"

That remark prompted Maria Cole, one of dozens of people from West New York and nearby who had come to pray and lay flowers and votive candles by the tree, to charge at Mr. Domenech.

“We don’t want Satan!” Ms. Cole, 57, shouted in Spanish as a 90-year-old woman with a long-stemmed white rose walked up and hit Mr. Domenech on the head and shoulders with the flower until three police officers asked him to move along. (The flower-wielder gave her age, but not her name.)

Here's a picture of the nonagenarian flower attacker—the Virgin Mary is NO JOKE.

While many insist that it truly is the image of the Virgin Mary, the Catholic Church has said it's not: A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark said, "We’re hopeful that even though this is just a knot in a tree, it will spark people to examine themselves and find a deeper understanding of their faith."