Some of us view death as a final, sweet release from the imbecilic and dispiriting presidential election cycle, a blessed passage into a silent void where no CNN reporter can follow with breaking updates from the campaign trail. But for others, like New Jersey's Elaine Fydrych, death is not an escape, it is an opportunity to Get Involved from Beyond the Grave.

In her obituary, Fydrych, who passed away while printing out provocative articles on Mena, Arkansas at age 63, is remembered as a natural comedic talent who starred in numerous local theater productions and a few independent films.

Runnemade was also strongly opposed to another Clinton in the White House; the obituary concludes: "Elaine requests, 'In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.'"

It's unclear why Fydrych preferred votes against Clinton—who voted as Senator to endorse George W. Bush's $2 trillion-dollar boondoggle invasion of Iraq that set the region aflame and sacrificed countless lives for another big nothing—to flowers at her funeral. But Fydrych's last wishes have "gone viral," as you can see here, possibly influencing an unknown number of undecided voters. Maybe even dozens!

It's too soon to say how much Fydrych's final wish will impact the Democratic primary, but she's already made a difference with one Ed Burk of Ruskin, Florida, who writes on her Legacy guestbook, "The internet helped me find you Elaine; we never met in person but your request to NOT vote for hillary will be honored. May you rest in peace." Looks like Florida's a lock for Jeb Bush now.

Which politician will you go to your grave opposing?