The state of New Jersey has been forced to issue an emergency bulletin reminding teenagers that lighting oneself on fire, while extremely cool and hip, will ultimately end in sadness, severe disfigurement and possibly death.

Called "the Fire Challenge," the alleged trend apparently has teens covering themselves in flammable liquids and then setting their skin aflame. In one high profile case, a mom was arrested for filming as her 16-year-old son torched himself, resulting in one incredibly hard-to-watch video. Remember when Beanie Babies were popular?

The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety, however, can scarcely hide its contempt. Here's an excerpt from the full statement [PDF]:

The fire challenge involves teenagers pouring an ignitable liquid, often rubbing alcohol, on their bare skin and igniting it while another teenager takes photos or video of the event. The photos and video are subsequently uploaded to the various social media sites for the world’s online community to watch and share. The imbecilic act is supposed to elicit laughter as onlookers and internet viewers watch the reaction from the person who is on fire.

In conclusion, please do not attempt the Fire Challenge. Please instead continue to badly screw up the Ice Bucket Challenge.