A truck driver hauling debris managed to save a pair of swans earlier this morning from NJ drivers. Trucker—and animal lover—Fred Kowal told NBC New York that he spotted a pair of swans between exits 16W and 15W. And one seemed injured, so he pulled over.

NBC New York reports, "Standing protectively over the injured swan was another swan, believed to be a male. Kowal said the injured swan could walk, but cuts he observed on its webbed foot and leg apparently made movement uncomfortable. He tried to herd the two birds underneath a guardrail and into the nearby marsh to safety, but the swan that had been standing ran into the main highway, forcing cars to a crawl as drivers tried to avert it."

After other unsuccessful attempts, the highway was eventually shut down and a NJ Turnpike official and another trucker helped Kowal use a broom to encourage the swans into the marsh. Kowal, who is a "husband and father of three has a hairless cat named Jinxie and has owned several parakeets and tropical parrots over the years," stuck around to make sure they stayed there. What a hero!

Update: Here's some video!