As promised early this summer, NJ Transit rolled out its "Quiet Commute" pilot program. The agency said today, "Beginning September 7, Quiet Commute cars will be offered weekdays on the first and last cars of all Northeast Corridor express trains with train numbers in the '3900' series. These trains operate express to and from the outer-zone stations of Trenton, Hamilton and Princeton Junction."

NJ Transit added, "Quiet Commute cars are intended to provide a subdued environment for customers who wish to refrain from using cell phones and are willing to disable the sound feature on pagers, games, computers and other electronic devices. Conversations should be conducted in subdued voices, and headphones should be used at a volume that cannot be heard by other passengers."

Small cards reminding people about the program will be distributed. NJTransit_CEO (a joke account) Tweeted, "Alt names 4 Quiet cars: "Shut your Hole Cars" , "No Yap while u Nap Cars" , "Shut the F@#* Up Car" (favorite of the NY Jets)."