NJ Transit Train With No Passengers Derails At Penn Station

NJ Transit passengers at Penn Station in April
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NJ Transit passengers at Penn Station in April Getty Images

A NJ Transit train with only a conductor on board derailed at Penn Station today before the morning rush.

According to WCBS 2, "The train was being moved out of the train yard at Penn by Amtrak crews when the engine derailed around 4:30 a.m." The train was re-railed around 6 a.m., but delays followed:

Now trains are running close to schedule (for now):

NJ Transit said that the train engine came off the Track 4 tracks and then its train cars blocked Tracks 1 through 5, which were apparently open (versus the ones closed for Summer of Hell™, Amtrak's big push to improve track infrastructure at the station).

Overall, the Summer of Hell hasn't been too bad; one LIRR commuter told us last week, "The commute has actually been better than it was before the 'Summer of Hell.' Seems like the problem tracks are being worked on, so they’re not causing problems or anything."


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