A New York-bound NJ Transit train derailed at Penn Station on Thursday night. There were 180 people on board, including passengers and crew, and one person sustained minor injuries.

"I commute from Brooklyn to New Jersey every day. It's a daily disaster trying to get to work, "
declared commuter Luke Uttaro.

The train, which originated in Long Branch, derailed around 9 p.m., and train service was suspended while work crews addressed the problem. Amtrak characterized the incident as a "slow speed derailment."

Passenger Sharif Ahmed said, "It happened really quickly. There was heavy rocking and then we stopped, and I think a lot of us knew right away what had happened." According to DNAinfo, the rescue of stranded passengers took about two hours.

NJ Transit service for the Friday morning commute is almost back to "normal" but the derailment comes ahead of the Amtrak plan to fix tacks at Penn Station starting on Monday, July 10, also known the "Summer of Hell," which will involved closed tracks and service changes for train riders. NJ Transit even has a new website, "The Update," for, well, updates.