2007_03_njtranbus.jpgYikes! A NJ Transit bus that just left the city via the Lincoln Tunnel crashed into a divider on I-495, near the Park Avenue exit in Weehawken. One of the commuters told WABC 7,"All of a sudden we were just on top of the divider. Nobody seems to know what happened. Everybody was jolted forward ... a lot of people sustained injuries to their face ... my friend got cut, she needed stitches ... a girl in front of us hit her face and a woman that was standing fell to the floor."

About 30 people were injured, and emergency responders removed passengers using ladders. A deputy fire chief revealed to WCBS 2 that the crash could have been a lot worse, because high voltage power boxes were knocked to the ground during the crash: "We had high voltage problem that could have been conductive to the bus. We had diesel fuel leaking. We had numerous people injured. We had a lot of potential hazards here." It's not clear what caused the accident - NJ Transit wasn't sure how fast the bus was traveling.

The accident also prompted the closing of outbound lanes on the Lincoln Tunnel helix (the exit ramp area), which caused huge delays for other drivers throughout the night. Hundreds of commuters were left waiting at the Port Authority for hours as well.