We'll get to the mess that was/still is Long Island Rail Road travel in a moment, but NJ Transit and Amtrak riders are having their share of train pain this morning. Here's an alert from NJ Transit at 7:57 a.m.: "Rail service on the Northeast Corridor (including NJCL & Midtown Direct) temporarily suspended due to Amtrak power problem." And here's how a woman on Twitter explained it, "What the fucking fuck, #NJTransit? 'All trains are coming to a stop...um, I'll let you know,' is a useless announcement."

FuckNJTransit's Tweets show the frustration of a regular NJ Transit commuter: "Overhead catinary problems? What the fuck is that, sounds like bullshit. All #njtransit is stopped" "Now on way to Hoboken to hop Path. Only #njtransit line in operation. Tons of angry commuters. Can ya blame em?" "So your trains stop running during rush hour and you will let us pay for taxis to where we are going? Thanks #njtransit!" "The view from the train of the line for the ONE BUS to NYC. It's always reassuring when #njtransit has a plan. http://twitpic.com/2hqlgc" and, most recently, "This just in... #Amtrak killed power between NYC & Washington DC. Hey @GovChristie GET OUT OF BED AND DO SOMETHING! Do not stop for a donut!"

The most recent alert from NJ Transit says, "Rail Update: Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line service is being restored with delays of 60-90 minute delays," and "Full systemwide cross honoring in effect (PATH, light rail, NJT bus, Private Carrier bus)."