A NJ school board finally made a decision about a middle school's ban against strapless dresses at the big year-end dance. MyCentralJersey reports that "school officials decided... to keep the middle school principal’s controversial strapless-dress ban. They will allow, however, single-strap gowns and clear spaghetti straps," lest a waredrobe malfunction occur.

Apparently Readington Middle School principal Sharon Moffatt enacted the ban thinking that boys would be distracted by girls in strapless dresses. Outraged parents and students had pointed out that the Readington Middle School ban was ridiculous, pointing out dresses with sleeves could also be distracting (hello) and that fashion is selling mostly strapless dresses! Plus, many girls had purchased dresses—so now they just have to baste these babies on them.

MyCentralJersey had the school board's statement, "It is the board’s position that the risk of a wardrobe mishap — either intentional or unintentional — and the possibility of the dissemination of such an occurrence through social media should be mitigated. Wardrobe malfunctions have been documented in other districts. The distress this may cause any student is not a risk this board is willing to take."

Apparently the youngest school board member, 21-year-old Vincent Panico, recounted how back when he was in middle school, a girl in another school district had a dress problem that "was caught on camera by another girl, then shared with her peers." Panico said the student, now a grown woman, still has "scars" from that traumatizing experience, "A strapless dress ban would have prevented that." So the ban is not about slut-shaming after all!

That story convinced two members to change their vote (in fact, there were three votes!) and the board will also have a new committee to review dress codes (PDF).