A man who escaped prison and hijacked a plane in 1971 and has been a fugitive from New Jersey ever since has been caught in Lisbon, Portugal. "The FBI's determination in pursuing subjects will not diminish over time or distance," a FBI spokesman says in a release. The AP reports that Wright intends on fighting the extradition, and has requested that he be released prior to the hearings.

George Wright was convicted of murdering a decorated World War II veteran at his New Jersey gas station during a robbery in 1962, and pled guity to a 15-30 year sentence to avoid the death penalty. In 1970, Wright and 3 other men escaped from Bayside State Prison in Leesberg, traveled to Detroit and highjacked Delta flight 841 to Miami. Wright demanded $1 million in ransom, the highest amount ever asked at the time, and flew to Algeria. His accomplices were later arrested in Paris in 1976, but Wright has remained at large ever since.

Wright was found living in the town of Almocagme, 28 miles from Lisbon. He worked "a series of odd jobs, most recently as a nightclub bouncer," and "once had a stall at a nearby beach and ran a barbecue chicken restaurant in a nearby town." Wright also has a wife—55-year-old Maria do Rosario Valente, with whom he had two children, now in their 20s. The family lived in a "small whitewashed house with terracotta roof tiles, a yellow door and a small front garden."

"We blew the dust off this case and worked it up, to the tune of re-interviewing victims' family members and profiling advanced sketches of what he might look like now," a US Marshals spokesman told the Times. "No lead was left unturned, even if it was unconfirmed or remote."