New Jersey police fatally shot an escaped prisoner who broke loose from police custody yesterday afternoon. The suspect, who has not been identified yet, was arrested earlier yesterday in Garfield for domestic abuse. Diana Copin told ABC that her family watched as police chased the prisoner: "They saw the cops chasing someone in the backyard," she said.

Neighbors say they heard five shots back to back. "We were just standing here smoking a cigarette and then boom, boom, boom," Keith Teta told the Star Ledger. According to the prosecutor's office, "The suspect was encountered and shots were fired by both Garfield Police and Bergen County Police. The suspect was brought to Hackensack University Medical Center and pronounced dead."

According to NBC, shots were fired by the prisoner, who was in his late 20s, as well, but it's unclear how he got a weapon. Two police officers were also taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

Two weeks ago, police re-captured a robbery suspect, who had made a dramatic escape from the back of a cop car, without incident.