2008_03_groundzero.jpgNew Jersey resident Fred Parisi was arrested at his fund-raiser for 9/11 workers last night, after accusations he stole money from another business. Now authorities are concerned Parisi's 9/11 fund-raising is lining his own pockets.

Police say Parisi had started a woodworking business with partner Roy Jensen but put company money into accounts Jensen couldn't access. And now police are questioning Parisi's non-profit 9/11 Rescue Workers Foundation--Detective Joe Kratzel told the Star-Ledger that Parisi "took full advantage of" Jensen, "I have serious doubts about any foundation Fred Parisi is running and I have questions about where that money is going."

Parisi has claimed he was a NYPD cop who helped rescue activities at the World Trade Center. But Parisi, a police academy cadet, was at Floyd Bennett Field for driving training on September 11 and was assigned to traffic duty in Murray Hill on September 12 and 13. The Daily News reports Parisi joined the academy on July 1, 2001 and dropped out (or was dismissed) four months later. Further, Parisi never mentioned "disciplinary problems in the military and resignations from two other police departments, as well as an arrest for impersonating an officer."

Parisi is being held on $100,000 bail. Lying about being a 9/11 survivor is nothing new: One woman who headed the Survivors Network and claimed she escaped from the WTC, was revealed to be a fake.