The poor, poor NJ Nets. Not only are they 2-24 for the season so far (they lost to the Utah Jazz by16 points last night) and not only is their mythical Brooklyn home still in progress, now a plan to relieve them from the Meadowlands and move them to more easily accessible Newark has apparently fallen through!

The Star Ledger-reports that talks have collapsed that would have brought a "temporary move" for the Nets to play at the Prudential Center. There was a "wider plan intended to end a war for entertainment dollars between the Izod Center in the Meadowlands, operated by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, and the privately owned Prudential Center in Newark. The two sides have been battling for the same concert, show and entertainment bookings." Sporting events would go to the Prudential Center, while the Izod Center would attract most entertainment.

But now with a new governor—Chris Christie—headed to lead the state in the new year, it's expected that his administration will want to review the deal.