A NJ man is facing possible animal cruelty charges after officials found four Aldabra tortoises living in terrible conditions in his Highlands backyard. The tortoises, which ranged in size from 25 pounds to 500 pounds, were living in what the Monmouth County SPCA Chief Buddy Amato called "a makeshift pit. He dug a hole in the ground to keep them confined. It was filled with water, half of it, and it was just disgusting, it’s horrific. These animals are gorgeous and for them to be living like this is disgusting."

Aldabra tortoises can't live in wet weather conditions or in temperatures under 65 degrees. A NJ Department of Environment Protection official said neighbors called about "crying" from the backyard. Amato added, "Galapagos can handle a wet environment, marshy wet weather. This turtle cannot. This turtle if left in that kind of environment would get pneumonia and succumb."

The owner, Richard Hines Jr., was charged with possession of an exotic animal without a permit. He was also given ten days to improve the tortoises' living conditions. The SPCA is investigating as the tortoises are at a local zoo.