A mother who hired a nanny through a website arrived home to find her baby crying next to a passed-out nanny, NJ police say.

Toms River police say that the mother hired Susan Porfido, 50, through care.com, and left her son in her care around 10 a.m. this week. According to the Asbury Park-Press, "The mother returned at 1:45 p.m. to find Porfido passed out drunk on the floor. Her son was crying and had a very soiled diaper. Porfido woke up and fled out the front door, stumbling and mumbling unintelligibly, according to police."

Then she drove off, only to crash into a fire hydrant. Police say they found three empty bottles of alcohol in the car. Porfido's blood alcohol was reportedly three times over the legal limit.

Porfido is currently in custody, facing charges including child endangerment and DWI. She has not made the $50,000 bail. Care.com told the Daily News, "We are disheartened by this news. As this is an active investigation we are working with local authorities and cannot comment further."