A few weeks back we learned that the Federal Transit Administration was demanding that New Jersey refund the over $2.7 billion the FTA invested in the ARC Tunnel Project, which Governor Chris Christie cancelled because it got too expensive. According to the debt notice obtained by AP, "FTA demands payment in full within 30 days from the date of this letter, hereinafter referred to as the 'delinquency date,'" which was November 24th. So much for holiday bonuses.

John Wisniewski, who chairs the state Democratic State Committee, echoed prior complaints of Christie being short sighted when it came to the project. He said, "We now know that his looking out for our financial interests will cost New Jersey taxpayers at least $271 million. To make matters worse, the governor has now pledged New Jersey money to help finance New York's subway expansion—without even seeing a plan or a cost estimate. It doesn't seem like he's being much of a financial watchdog, only a theatrical bulldog." None of that subway expansion is official, and from the looks of Jersey's budget they won't be footing the bill any time soon.