A NJ mother is extremely unhappy about the hubbub over her middle schooler's suspension, which she believes is related to her child's Confederate Flag clothing. So the next step is obviously threatening a lawsuit: Jane West tells the Times of Trenton that she wants "the school to formally apologize to her daughter, rescind her suspension and grant the teen permission to attend school outside the district." West warns, "If I can’t get those things I’m suing."

School administrators for Melvin Kreps Middle School in East Windsor, NJ have previously claimed that 14-year-old Tori Albrecht was not suspended for wearing the Confederate Flag hoodie (and instead suggested she was removed from the school for another matter), but did say the school had a right to remove a student if the child is disruptive. Still, West truly thinks Tori was pulled out of school because the controversial top, which she says is simply showing how proud Tori is to be from Virginia. The Times of Trenton also reports:

It’s not the first time her daughter has been the target of school officials, she said. Last year she was reprimanded for wearing an “I love boobies” bracelet in support of breast cancer awareness, she said. Last month Albrecht was reprimanded for wearing cat ears and whiskers to school on Halloween. West said she told her daughter to remove the costume when school officials told her to. But she balked at forcing her daughter to remove the Confederate flag sweat shirt, she said.

West is also concerned about her daughter's safety, noting that the controversy has attracted online threats.