The NJ mother who was arrested for allegedly assaulting two boys on a school bus has been speaking out, denying that she even touched the boys and that she had good reason to be furious. Rebecca Sardoni, 28, commented on Gothamist, "If you had a little girl and had a boy come sit next to her on the bus, take his DICK out and try to keep pushing her head down telling her to suck it, you just might be upset too!"

Toms River, NJ police say that Sardoni entered the school bus on Friday, asking "Where is Vinny?" and then heading to the boy who raised his hand to slap and curse at him and also slap the boy next to him. She was charged with simple assault, criminal trespass and terroristic threats and her mother, Stephanie Sardoni, 51, who also boarded the bus, was charged with criminal trespass.

However, Sardoni says that the bus driver allowed her and her mother on board. She wrote on Facebook, "I NEVER EVER touched any one! I do admit I shouldn't have been on there but the school and Mrs. Downing were doing nothing about it!! I actually had my baby girls private touched when she walked off the bus and he tried to push her head down to SUCK HIS private!! Do u think that is safe?? Shouldn't you be in fear of that!"

Sardoni also told the Asbury Park-Press that she alerted the school to the bullying situation, but the school has done nothing so far, “They (the boys) weren’t the ones who were suffering; my daughter was," noting that her daughter was so upset by what happened that she "had to write it on a piece of paper because she was so embarrassed." She added, "They’re making us look like bad people and we’re not. This little girl has been through a lot."