And thus, the War on Christmas rages on: a New Jersey man tried to spread a little holiday cheer by sticking a 40-foot inflatable Santa on his store's roof, but his town's mayor has been ticketing him because she is out to replace Christmas presents with mandatory gay marriages and abortions thinks it's dangerous. Santa dangerous? Never!

Millstone Township mayor Nancy Grbelja's served Tony Schiavone five tickets for the massive inflatable Santa he stuck on the roof of his pool building store, Seasonal World. "It's big and it's a hazard," Grbelja told MyFoxNY, voicing concern about what might happen should Santa blow off the store's roof.

And this isn't the first time Gbrelja's tried to break Schiavone's Christmas spirit. Last year, the Yuletide warrior was ticketed for a 20-foot Santa on his roof, so naturally he's gone ahead and super sized it for good measure. "It's what I do every year, and I've been doing it for 12 years and they've been harassing me for 12 years," Schiavone said. He's taking the city to court after the holiday, and has no plans to remove the big guy—which is good news, because nothing says Christmas like getting your car crushed by Santa Claus.