Dreams and aspirations can be strange and wonderful: some people dream of the day they can finally eat Stay Puft marshmallows, while others dream of the day they can buy a yacht and name it "B LOWME." And for one particularly equilibrious NJ man, that dream is to appear on Regis and Kelly.

Jimmy Steinhagen, 33, a grocery store manager and father to three daughters in Oaklyn, NJ, is a master at balancing everything from umbrellas to ladders to 60-pound kayaks on his nose and face. Friends goad him to perform at their get-togethers, and he's balanced objects at about 10 weddings, including a chair and a large potted plant at his own nuptials. He recently submitted a video (you can see it below) of his balancing skills to the "Live with Regis and Kelly" show, in hopes of appearing on TV at the end of this summer. "If I win, I want to go in there and balance Kelly on my face," he joked.