Back in February, Bloods member Rasoul Speight grabbed fame by the derriere when he set the record for most bags of heroin hidden inside one's anus (100). But it seems another NJ man may have shattered Speight's record—a 25-year-old Hoboken man has been charged for possession of 300 envelopes of heroin, including 250 packets stashed between his buttocks in a secret compartment of his underwear. can one have a secret underwear compartment in their butt?

While executing a search warrant on Monday evening, police found heroin hidden inside Angel L. Romero-Corraliza's apartment in Hoboken. They searched Romero-Corraliza when he got home, which is how they found five individually packaged bricks, each containing 50 envelopes, of heroin stashed in his underwear (he was also carrying five Ziploc bags of marijuana). Cops found eight cell phones in various room in the home as well as 54 .22-caliber rifle bullets and 14 9mm hollow-point bullets.

Romero-Corraliza has been charged with multiple drugs offenses, including use or possession of paraphernalia, distributing drugs on school property and possession of heroin and marijuana within 500 feet of a park. But he can hold his head high today, knowing that no man in this land has smuggled as many narcotics inside their buttocks as he has.