A 22-year-old man with something to prove jumped into the Hudson River from the New Jersey side on Sunday night, spurred by a dare, according to an NJ.com report. East Rutherford's Damien Bziukiewicz jumped off Pier A in Hoboken, then freaked out, prompting a response by Hoboken police, NYPD boats and aircraft, and a Hoboken fire boat, the report said. Cops threw him a rope and firefighters extended a ladder over the side of the pier so he could climb out.

He was transported to a hospital and charged with swimming in water adjacent to a public park, according to NBC4.

It's unclear from the report whether this was an ordinary dare, a double dare, or, dare we say, a triple-dog dare. (In the course of researching this article we learned that, though the triple-dog dare and its less-multiplied predecessors are well-represented in such schlock as A Christmas Story, American kids have been using this lingo at least as far back as the 1890s. The more you know.)